Dead Man's Line - The documentary about Tony Kiritsis

The true story of Tony Kiritsis

People believed to be deceased  

Broderick, Lawrence "Larry" -  Marion County Sheriff

Collins, Lt. Joe - IPD

Cotton, Billy - IPD

Davis, Dr. Larry -  Psychologist

Gallagher, Eugene - IPD Chief of Police

Grable, J. Michael - IPD

Hall, M. (Millard) L. -  Richard Hall's father

Heckman, Fred - WIBC anchor

Jones, Richard - IPD

Kiritsis, Effie - Anthony Kiritsis’ sister

Kiritsis, Steven - Anthony Kiritsis’ brother

Kiritsis, Anthony "Tony"  George

Kiritsis, Magdaline G. Pappas - Anthony Kiritsis’ mother

Kiritsis, George D. - Anthony Kiritsis’ father

Littman, Josh - WISH-TV reporter

Love, Frank M - Sgt. Detective, ISP

Martz, George - Deputy Prosecutor

McCarthy, Virginia - Attorney

Mullen, Owen "Oni" - Anthony Kiritsis’ first attorney


Ruckelshaus, John "Jack" C. II      Attorney

Schornhorst, F. (Frederick) Thomas "Tom"   Deputy Prosecutor