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Dead Man's Line exists because so many people we contacted believed the Anthony Kiritsis story was an important piece of Indiana and Indianapolis history, that it's a story worth preserving. We aim to make this site the most thorough collection of Kiritsis resources and for the film to be the most complete telling of the story.

But we need your help. If any of the following apply to you, please visit our Contact page and get in touch with us:

·       You were involved in the original incident and we haven't contacted you yet.

·       You have photos or other artifacts from the Kiritsis case.

·       You believe in the preservation of local history and would like to make a donation



We are looking for anyone who was involved in this incident. If you have a relative, friend, etc that you know was involved with the Tony Kiritsis event and is still alive please contact us. Click on link to see a list of names of people we have already interviewed. This will be the last chance for them to be interviewed for this historic documentary. 


Do you have any old newspapers, photos, videos, audio, or any artifacts from the Tony Kiritsis incident? Please contact us! We already have a lot of great photos and video from the people who were there but we are always looking for more. Thanks!



We are looking for a small amount funding. Do you know of a grant or a rich Aunt that may want to help us complete this project? Please contact us!