After All Kiritsis' Talking, Hall Has the Last Word

When we first started researching our documentary Dead Man's Line back in 2012, we always hoped we could find the man who had been taken hostage, Richard Hall. If we could interview him, we would build the entire film around his point of view.

There were people who told us that Dick Hall was dead. We did find an obituary for a Richard Hall in Indiana, but he wasn't the one we were looking for. Others said they knew a guy who'd seen him recently eating at a Denny's, or that he was still living in the same house on the northeast side of Indy where he’d resided in 1977, or that he had possibly relocated to Florida. One contact said he was a volunteer football coach at his middle school in the 1980s and showed no signs of trauma or depression, while others said he'd become an alcoholic, lost his marriage and retired to some lonely corner of the world.

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The Richard Hall Exclusive

During the 1977-78 school year, Amy Shepherd (now Amy Jones) was a junior at Warren Central High School and a section editor for the Wigwam yearbook. The 15 students on staff were assigned articles to write for the yearbook, and Amy was responsible for a piece that would appear on the Current Events page.

One event came to mind. The Kiritsis kidnapping incident had taken place in downtown Indianapolis the previous year when Amy had been a sophomore, and though she remembered seeing the local news coverage, the story had faded from her mind. But as soon as she started researching the original event and the trial, she realized her current events assignment was one of the biggest stories of 1977.

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