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A Time of Hostages A reporter's Notebook

By Tom Cochrun

When Tony Kiritsis wired a shotgun to the head of Dick Hall and marched him down an Indianapolis street on a raw February 8, 1977, he took more hostages than the terrorized mortgage banker. For three days Hall lived with a gun to the back of his head, the captive of an angry, ranting man as radio, television, and newspaper consumers followed every development.

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By Daniel S. Comiskey

In February 1977, he wired a sawed-off shotgun to his mortgage broker’s neck and marched him through crowded downtown streets, starting a 63-hour standoff that captivated the city. Almost the entire spectacle was broadcast on live television.

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Photo by Jim Young

Photo by Jim Young

Retro Indy: Tony Kiritsis, a very angry man

By Mike Jesse

On the morning of Feb. 8, 1977, Tony Kiritsis had an appointment about his mortgage. He was angry about it because he didn't think the mortgage company was being fair to him. In fact, he was convinced they were cheating him, and he wasn't going to take it.

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'Tony' Kiritsis dead at 74; Held an Executive Hostage for 63 Hours in Indy in 1977

Anthony G. "Tony'' Kiritsis, who wired a shotgun to the head of a mortgage executive and paraded through the streets of Downtown Indianapolis in 1977, died today. Kiritsis, 74, was found dead in his home of natural causes. Fred Heckman, the legendary WIBC newsman, made headlines in 1977 as a key player in the infamous Tony Kiritsis hostage standoff. 

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