Tony Kiritsis' Apartment

A Premeditated Act Mapped Out


One of the places we never get to see in the film is the inside of Tony’s apartment where he restrained Dick Hall in one way or another for 3 days. Here is a diagram that we adapted from a court document that shows the layout of Tony’s third-floor Crestwood Village apartment (whose orange brick exterior today still looks much like it did in ’77). We’ve pointed out a few important spots that show the extent to which Tony had thought out the kidnapping. Unlike a psychotic episode or a crime of passion, this was not a spur-of-the-moment decision or a spontaneous outburst of anger.

One little known fact: In the weeks leading up to the kidnapping, Tony rearranged the interior of his apartment to match one of the Meridian Mortgage offices, presumably that of M.L. Hall, Dick Hall’s father. Tony then practiced his plan to get a sense of how much space he’d have to work in and determine the best way to exit the office with his hostage in tow, eventually deciding that he’d have to bring a second gun with him to force Hall to comply while Tony rigged up the .12-gauge shotgun. 

Another little-known sign of premeditation: On several occasions in January 1977 whenever he’d visit the Meridian Mortgage office, Tony made it known that he was going to have an operation on his arm, a ruse of course that would allow him to conceal a handgun in the sling he wore over his arm on the day of the kidnapping.


Big shout out to my colleague, Kirk McCollough! You wouldn’t believe how fast he put this diagram together. Seriously, you wouldn’t.


the original court document that we based our diagram on.