Follow the Money

Follow the money.jpg

For two and a half days, Tony held his own sister hostage, demanding that he be paid for nearly a decade’s worth of work in the family-owned trailer park. He eventually released her when the family agreed to pay him half of the trailer park’s value. Tony then used this money to buy the 17 acres at the heart of his dispute with the Halls and Meridian Mortgage. The video here comes from another good friend of the film, Linda Lupear. She was one of our earliest contacts in the filmmaking process and provided us with this great footage. Linda is an important figure in Indiana journalism. She was among the first wave of women reporters that would become more prominent in the Midwest markets throughout the ‘70s. Reporting for local TV station WRTV, Lupear covered the trial, and as you’ll see in the video, she delivered a summary report on one of the most intriguing parts of the Kiritsis case, the major events in his life that had led him to kidnap Hall.