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Itchy Mysteries' video review


The Film Yap by Christopher Lloyd: 4.5 stars out of 5

The image that first grabs you is of two men walking in their shirtsleeves, which immediately sticks them out of place against everyone heavily bundled up in the bitter Indianapolis February.

Both are in their 40s, sporting bald spots and those hellacious sideburns that were popular in the late 1970s, like psychedelic pyramids rooted on their cheeks. One is short, dark-haired, burly, sleeves rolled up over thick, hairy forearms. The other is taller, with the wispy remains of what was probably once a fine blond head of hair, the collar of his business shirt popped up against the cold.

The shorter man walks closely behind, a sawed-off shotgun pressed up against the base of the other’s skull. He is screaming expletives at the police and gawkers in downtown Indianapolis, while the other man seems haunted, resigned, almost calm.

They are strung together by a thin wire that binds the gunman’s hand to the weapon, and the gun to his victim’s neck. He calls it a “dead man’s line” — his nearly invisible assurance that if he dies, from a sniper’s bullet or such, the gun will go off and end the other. The police, helpless, keep their distance. Read the rest of the review

The Independent Critic by Ricard Propes: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Released on February on iTunes and Amazon, the Indianapolis made feature doc Dead Man's Line: The True Story of Tony Kiritsis" recounts the riveting case of Anthony "Tony" Kiritsis, whose name rings almost instantly familiar for anyone who has lived in the Indy area since the mid-70's after the wannabe real estate developer showed up early in the morning on February 8, 1977 under the guise of asking Hall Hottel/Meridian Mortgage executive Richard O. Hall a question and kicked off what would become an almost unimaginable 63-hour hostage situation that, at times, played out within public view and live on television. 

Co-written and directed by Alan Berry and Mark Enochs, Dead Man's Line is, without question, the definitive documentary on the Kiritsis case even for those of us old enough to remember what we'd have believed to be every stinkin' detail of the case before watching this remarkably thorough and painstakingly detailed doc.  Read the rest of the review

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