Thanks to badge 737

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Among the many members of law enforcement that we interviewed, David Coffman of the Indianapolis Police Department gave us so much valuable information that the film would simply not be as strong without him. Coffman was one of the first policemen to make contact with Kiritsis, confronting him in the fourth-floor office of Meridian Mortgage. In fact, he actually put his shotgun to Tony’s head, only to realize there was no way to disarm Tony without Hall being killed. From there, Coffman escorted Kiritsis and Hall out into the streets and witnessed every turn during that long, cold walk, always a few feet away from the kidnapper, his hostage, and the loaded shotgun. Here is the interview that David Coffman gave to the media the morning of February 8, 1977. Note: You’ll never see police interviewed like this nowadays. Thank you, Dave, for all you brought to the film!